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Size: 15ml Key ingredients: As many as 15 moisturizing ingredients contained in the cream are responsible for moisturizing the skin around the eyes, which is prone to dryness. Among them are, argan oil, sesame oil or rhubarb root extract (Aquaxtrem ™), which prevents transepidermal water loss and retains it in the skin. The cream is extremely effective in reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This is due to: butcher's broom extract, goldenrod herb extract and caffeine, which improve blood circulation and seal blood vessels with double strength. This effect is enhanced by lemon peel extract, which clears blood vessels and reduces swelling.


Composition: wood & bristles


Size: 30ml Key ingredients: Retinol H10 stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin, increases its elasticity and prevents the formation of wrinkles. The dose used in the cream is strong enough to make its effects visible, but the ingredient is mild enough not to irritate the skin of people who have never used preparations with retinol before or have sensitive skin. Sytenol®A (bakuchiol) stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles, which has been confirmed by numerous studies. In addition, i.a. reduces the size of melanocytes, and thus - reduces the production of melanin and reduces discoloration and improves skin tone. The extract of the bark of the cinnamon tree has a cleansing and astringent effect. In addition, it limits the development of unfavorable microorganisms and regulates the secretion of sebum. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids and caffeic acid, it also has an antioxidant effect, which makes it recommended for mature skin. Rice bran oil has a soothing effect on the skin, stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis, and due to the presence of gamma-oryzanol, vitamin E and ferulic acid, it delays the aging process. In addition, it has lightening properties.


Size: 75ml Key ingredients: Wheat germ oil is a rich source of vitamin E, ceramides and essential unsaturated fatty acids. Vitamin C, used in our products, in its most effective and stable form, has an anti-aging effect and is also an antioxidant. Sea buckthorn oil has antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties and additionally has a positive impact on the improvement of skin tone and serves as a protection against UV radiation, while also intensively regenerates and has a soothing effect. Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant that inhibits skin aging processes, mainly caused by the UV radiation. High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and root extract from rhubarb are the substances responsible for strong and long-lasting hydration. A disaccharide called Trehalose nourishes and moisturizes the skin and by creating a protective film on its surface, it makes the skin brighter, full of light and smooth. Shea butter intensively oils and moisturizes the skin. Coconut butter softens, regenerates and tones the skin.


Composition: wood & tampico


Size: 125ml Key ingredients: plant betaine which moisturises your skin and protects it from irritations and overdrying caused by the surfactants. Oat extract rich in proteins and carbohydrates that condition your skin, preventing it from drying and cover it with a moisturising film. Moreover, plant glycosides show delicate cleansing properties. Tapioca starch mitigate impact of surfactants and is responsible for the “creamy” texture of the gel.


Pojemność: 75ml Kluczowe składniki: Marula oil fights free radicals, aloe extract has anti-aging properties, among many others, vitamin E is a powerful natural anti-oxidant, and oats extract has anti-oxidizing function as well. Shea butter boosts renewal and soothes irritations, kukui oil is highly effective when it comes to rebuilding damaged epidermis, calms irritations and regenerates your skin; and tomato seed oil, as well as the Madonna lily flower extract both show regenerating features. Aloe extract, Madonna lily flower extract, shea butter, marula oil and allantoin have all very strong moisturising and protecting properties.  


Size: 30ml Key ingredients: Lakesis an extract from the resin of the endemic pistachio tree, which stimulates the production of the so-called proteins of youth, thanks to which the skin regains its density and looks fuller and firmer. Vegetable squalane prevents loss of moisture, restores skin elasticity, smoothes and visibly reduces wrinkles. Borage seed oil has firming properties, tightens and improves skin elasticity, tightens pores, adds radiance to the skin. Buriti oil stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles. Marula oil has a strong antioxidant effect, but also heals and regenerates, and at the same time copes well with acne and acne scars. The highest quality vitamin C derivative, characterized by special durability, and thus - very high efficiency, prevents discoloration and inhibits the oxidation of sebum.


Size: 50ml Key ingredients: spruce bark extract, strengthens sun protection, improves skin tone and blood circulation, and has anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of this extract increases the action of the main photoprotective ingredient, Solaveil ™ Spextra - a unique form of titanium dioxide, which is very safe even for sensitive and allergic skin. Trehalose, a natural plant disaccharide, thanks to its resistance to various weather conditions, protects the skin against both excessive sunlight and frost. In addition, it has anti-aging properties and - thanks to its resistance to various types of radiation - prevents skin from cancer. Cottonseed oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids linoleic and oleic, as well as palmitic acid and strong antioxidants such as tocopherols, instantly regenerates the epidermis, softens and moisturizes; has anti-inflammatory properties. MiniHA ™ low molecular weight hyaluronic acid raises the level of skin hydration effectively and very quickly.