The importance of wearing UV 400 protection lenses

As we all know, skin around the eyes is very delicate and vulnerable to sun damage. The same applies to children. Their eyes and skin need as much protection as ours, if not more. Did you know that lenses in children’s eyes allow more UV radiation than in adults ones?

Here are just the few common eye problems caused by sunlight. Go through them and decide whether it is worth to take a risk.


UV rays can cause cancer of the skin but also of the eye or eyelid.


It’s a progressive clouding of the lens of the eye. Research indicates that UV exposure can possibly increase developing cataracts later in the life.


Also known as a ‘snow blindness’, it’s a sunburn of the eye. UV rays cause an inflammation of cornea which results in loss of vision for up to 48 hours.


Benign pinkish tumor on the eye’s surface that often affects both eyes and can cause impaired vision.

Clearly, UV exposure can be very damaging if we as parents will not take the appropriate steps. Here is a simple solution to avoid this. Buy you child sunglasses with UV 400 protection that blocs 99-100% of UVA and UVB rays.

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