I think we will all agree that sunscreen protection is a must, no matter the age. Our kids’ skin is far more delicate than ours therefore, is more prone to sun burns that can actually double the risk of getting melanoma later in life. It is essential to protect them in a safe and healthy way while they enjoy the sun.

The question is which filter is the best one, chemical or mineral? Chemical filters penetrate the skin to absorb the UV energy and transform it into heat. While, mineral filters combine titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and work as a mirror by reflecting the sun radiation away from the skin. Mineral filters are not absorbed into the skin and are most suitable for sensitive skin.

Whichever filter you will choose you must remember to reapply it every 2 hours and after bathing, sweating or drying for the optimal protection. Don’t forget about the aftersun lotion to soothe and moisturise the skin after a sunny day.

Did you know that sunscreen can seriously pollute seas and oceans? This is because of the ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate, but also micro-plastics and nano-particles. Remember about this and choose sunscreen without these ingredients.

Invest in your kids’ skincare. Choose natural ingredients over cheap and harmful drugstore alternatives. When safety matters, look no further. Pop in to our webshop, choose bookmark #CARE and see what we have in offer.

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