fluffymania was featured in British VOGUE (13/16)

Excited is an understatement.

Vogue’s Bright Beginnings was in the July issue of Vogue magazine and my brand was presented there amongst other new incredible brands for the little ones. I have been keeping this little secret in my heart since April when I was first contacted by Condé Nast. After the initial shock and the flood of excitement that took me to the cloud 9 I have decided not to disclose this information until the July issue will be released. It was a great honor for me especially due to the fact that fluffymania was set up in January 2021 and went life in March. Only a month later we were spotted on Instagram and praised for the quality and consistency of the published content. It really means a lot as it takes a lot of effort to juggle the time between caring for demanding and sensitive child (who is and will always be my priority), household chores and running a new business. It means a lot as I did everything by myself from the scratch. Everything about this KIDS CONCEPT STORE is so me and my daughter. I have tested every single product before it went live. Each item was carefully curated.

fluffymania was established from a desire to create a single, conscious go-to store that brings together a selection of our beloved brands and designers in the world of children’s toys, clothes, cosmetics and interiors. It was created for families who have no space in their home for plastic and poor grade products and those who always choose quality over quantity. Possibly for the niche type of customers like me but surely for conscious parents. fluffymania was never about selling only, it’s a mission. My vision of educating parents to support the comprehensive development of their children. Teaching them, they can be whoever they want, to chase their own dreams, to keep on keeping at what they love so they will find that someday soon enough they will rise up. Working together with the best interest of child at heart as the world and a society we create now will be their future. So, let’s do our best for the best of our little ones. You are always one decision away from a different, better life_


Photoshoot by Robert van Hall
Featured accessories for mama, toys for the little one

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