Christmas gift ideas. New, fresh and still warm version for kids and their mamas. You will find as many as 14 original gift ideas. Most of them are educational, eco-friendly and mostly cruelty free. All these gift are around €25 so pretty affordable for everyone.
Let’s get started.

Puzzle – educational toy for children in all ages (fluffymania offers products for kids age 3+). It challenges brain, trains kids cognitive skills, teaches children problem-solving thinking, develops your fine motor skills etc. Perfect for little curious minds.

Games, especially board games are perfect for building closer relationships and promotes family time. It helps with reducing stress and teaches how to be patient. Playing board games increases brain function because playing stimulates brain areas that are responsible for complex thought and memory formation.

Montessori inspired toys. Made of natural materials like wood because they’re healthy, safe, and inspiring for children. Simple, easy to use and beautifully-crafted items captures a child’s interest without overwhelming them, and inspire their imagination without directing it.

Mama. Let’s not forget about ourselves. Treat yourself with a deliciously scented vegan candle, #zerowaste set or a body care gift box treatments straight from France, natural, vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free and cruelty-free, totally safe for your skin and the environment. Or maybe it’s a time for a new linen toiletry bag?

I hope you have enjoyed our selection. Let us know in the comment box which one is your favourite xxx

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