One of fluffymania’s mission is to rise an awareness and explain what slow fashion is about. It is important to emphasize that fashion has a huge impact on climate changes, bad working conditions all over the world, animal abuse in fashion production and many more. Slow fashion, means realising that there is a human being behind every product we buy. Buying fewer but better quality products reduces consumption and ultimately waste.

Let’s start from the beginning. Let’s start with us. All the clothes and accessories we chose for our store are tested totally by us. In fact most of the brands in our shop are our favourites for years. It is important to us that they are environmentally friendly, good quality, unisex and have a timeless style.

When we think about children’s clothing, we think about comfort and quality. We dream about providing your children with a long-lasting, sustainable wardrobe. At fluffymania, we value the future of our children and the future our planet plus the well-being of everyone involved behind the stage. We are passionate about selling durable basic garments that are both sustainable and high-quality. Our goal is to create timeless and durable styles that will last for hours of fun and multiply times of washing. The products we offer are easy to wear, mix and match. We strive to build a company that offers an honest product for both the customer and the Mother Earth. Why is it important to us and should be important to you too? Here are some factsheets about fast fashion:

  • 15 tonnes of CO2 produces 1 household for clothing consumption only
  • 20% of industrial water pollution comes from dyeing textiles
  • 80 years, this is how long it takes for a piece of clothing to decompose
  • 92 million tones of fashion is thrown away each year

To whom we address our offer? People like us: mothers, fathers, conscious customers in general. People who want to be the change_ Who can mostly benefit from creating the kids capsule wardrobe:

  • parents of children aged 3 + who want their kids wardrobe to be clear and transparent, easy to mix and match
  • 90% of parents who have a problem with keeping their children’s wardrobe in order
  • people who want to know how a capsule wardrobe can foster your child’s independence and provide less stressful family mornings

Time for solid arguments. Time for solutions. Get to know them now!
Here’s what you gain by choosing  to create a capsule wardrobe for your child:

  • you will get rid of the mess and as a consequence your child’s wardrobe will be organised
  • you will forget about morning stress wow! once and for all! imagine drinking your morning coffee in peace while your child chooses her/his outfit on her/his own
  • you will discover that your child is more independent than you have though. How amazing?!
  • you will notice that organised and harmonious wardrobe will introduce a healthy rhythm and peace into your and your child’s life

How to start? Choose quality over quantity. Create a capsule wardrobe for each of your household members. Think twice each time you decide to make another purchase. Buy products made of natural materials. Give back clothes that you haven’t worn for a year to people in need.

Do you need help in completing the capsule wardrobe for your child? See our selection of sustainable and ethical fashion pieces.
Is the item you need not available? Contact us via WhatsApp or email and we’ll see if we can order it for you.


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