The inspiration to create fluffymania was and still is my daughter Matilde who calls herself Mania since she was year and a half. She reminds me daily that my biggest achievement might not be something but someone I raise. fluffymania is about love & magic where every child is welcome. It’s a safe place where everyone can join, play, be happy and feel special. We stand for inclusiveness, equality and love.


fluffymania was established from a desire to create a single GO TO store, bringing together a carefully curated selection of our beloved brands and designers, in the world of children’s toys, clothes and interiors.
I have focused mostly on Europe to gather the very best original designer brands that together create the fluffymania look. The products are timeless and the quality is exceptional. These products are for families who have no space in their home for plastic and poor grade products and those who always choose quality over quantity.


I am super proud and extremely happy that all products in the shop are thoughtfully designed, beautifully made, stylish with high quality and most importantly original and unique. All of these bring our vision of supporting the comprehensive development of children, to life. Teaching them, they can be whoever they want, to chase their own dreams, to keep on keeping at what they love so they will find that someday soon enough they will rise up


If we want the change and we want the world to be a better place, we cannot expect it to come from others. We have to look inward and be the ones who take action. We need to be the change. We believe in support. Support of the voiceless. Support of the planet we live on. Since we are not indifferent to the environment and the fate of animals, we decide to donate 5% of our profits to various charities and organizations that deal with saving animals and our planet. Forever. This is a good faith commitment, made with our very best intentions.